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What Makes Horizon Childcare Unique?

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Hourly Childcare

We offer hourly childcare bookings, meaning that families only pay for what they need. Bookings of between 7 and 11 hours can be booked between the hours of 7am – 6pm. We can offer both term-time and all-year-round bookings, as well as ad-hoc bookings if you need extra days of childcare. We also offer 50% holiday discount for days you don't need when booked in advance, with no limit on holiday bookings. We also offer a full-time discount for bookings of 10 or 11 hours across 5 days each week.
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A Personal Approach

We understand that leaving your child is a huge decision and we aim to help you and your child feel completely comfortable as part of the Horizon Childcare family. As a small setting we can provide a personal approach towards childcare; operating across 3 main rooms allows us to keep the groups of children in each room small. Our team are based in the same rooms each week (except when covering sickness or holiday), which allows for each child to see familiar faces at each visit.

Each child is assigned a key person based on who they naturally gravitate towards; this team member will respond to the majority of their learning and care needs. However, the team in each room is small, usually consisting of 4 or 5 staff, so it won’t take long to get to know everyone! Our curriculum is also planned for children on a personal basis, depending on their level of development. The activities we plan are based on children's interests and can be differentiated to meet all children's needs.


A Friendly, Dedicated & Consistent Team

Our team has been voted as our best asset by the parents year after year and we are hugely proud of the early years practitioners we have at our nursery. Our team members are all dedicated to achieving the very best outcomes for all children through their range of experience, training and qualifications.

Each child will be allocated a key person who will get to know each child as an individual and will continue to form secure attachments during their time at nursery. The key person will foster a child’s learning and give them appropriate challenge to suit their age and stage of development.

Our team members are happy and work really well together; we have a low staff turnover and more consistent faces for the children.

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Curiosity Ethos

We encourage children to be curious and follow their sense of exploration. We endeavour to bring 'awe' and 'wonder' into the children's education to ignite a love of learning. You will notice we have a variety of everyday and natural objects for children to use and explore, such as metal tea pots, wooden bobbins and artificial plants.

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Respectful Interactions

Our team role-model the good behaviour and respectful interactions we expect from children. We communicate with care and consideration towards others and work with integrity.

Promoting independence is also key at Horizon Childcare and we do this in a variety of ways, from teaching babies basic sign language to help their communication skills to encouraging children to dress themselves.

We want all the children in our care to have a voice, feel listened to and feel respected as individuals.


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