Terms & Conditions

By taking a place for my child/ren at Horizon Childcare, I am acknowledging that I have read and consent to their GDPR Privacy Notice, policies and procedures (both on the website) and these terms and conditions. Horizon Childcare has the right to cancel my contract if I do not cooperate and adhere to terms and conditions, policies and procedures, or they are not able to meet their requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage due to circumstances I have created. If Horizon Childcare needs to cancel the childcare they provide for my child, I will usually receive four weeks’ written notice. I also understand that four weeks' written notice is also required for me to terminate my child’s place at nursery and at least four weeks' childcare will usually be charged for upon Horizon Childcare's understanding I would like to cancel the place.

Horizon Childcare operates a zero tolerance policy and will cancel my contract if I harass or intimidate any of the staff.

I am also giving written confirmation that I have filled in the information on Famly as accurately and honestly as possible giving as much information to the best of my knowledge. If any information has not been brought to the attention of the nursery upon registration, Horizon Childcare will not be held liable. Any details missed from Famly can compromise my child's level of care and education. I will regularly ensure that the nursery has the most up to date information about my child and our family e.g. emergency contact numbers, allergies, medications, changes within the home and outside agencies such as social workers or childminders. If my child develops any dietary or medical need after registration, these will be communicated in writing to the Manager in order for the staff team to be informed. It is my responsibility as a parent/ carer to keep my child’s Famly profile up to date at all times.

Keeping the children safe is a main priority at Horizon Childcare and I understand that the nursery is required to abide by the guidance set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as well as other relevant legislation. This includes working with other professionals for the benefit of my child and reporting safeguarding concerns they may have to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) if needed; this will usually be discussed with a parent/ carer first.

I also understand that it is a requirement of each parent to be involved with my child's learning and to assist the nursery in this matter including: being willing to attend meetings in relation to my child; adding observations from home to the Famly system when possible; and engaging with my child at home to enhance their learning. I will also inform Horizon Childcare if my child attends another educational setting so that they can fulfil their obligation to make links to provide a holistic educational program for my child. I give Horizon Childcare permission to make such links as and when needed.

I understand that it is my duty as a parent/ carer to help keep the children of Horizon Childcare safe. For this reason, I will not bring items into the nursery that could hurt any other child. I will also not allow my child to bring items into the nursery that could cause harm to another child e.g. small toys or coins.  I understand that it is appropriate at certain times of the day that age groups will mix and for this reason it is highly important that all children's personal age-appropriate toys are left at home.

I will not ask about other children who attend the nursery or seek to gain information about other children who may or may not attend the nursery for personal gain. I will help to keep the premises safe and secure and will not grant access to anyone unless they are authorised by a member of the staff team. I will not seek to gain unsupervised access to any children in the nursery and will pass on all appropriate messages to help with the care and education of my child.

I understand that Horizon Childcare has a duty to complete assessments such as 2 year old checks. Assessments will be shared with me by the nursery and may be shared with other professionals if needed; this will be discussed with me on a case by case basis. I understand that if I prevent Horizon Childcare from sharing developmental information they hold with other professionals, my child’s learning and development may be compromised as a result.

If my child is absent due to sickness, the nursery should be notified as soon as possible and I will not attempt to take my child to nursery if they are not well enough to cope with the nursery day.  If my child is unwell I will abide by the nursery exclusion periods and am aware that these are in place to reduce the risk of spreading illness or infection. I will respond promptly (within one hour) to phone calls from the nursery to advise that I need to collect my child due to illness. If my child becomes ill at nursery, a member of staff will contact me or my emergency contacts. I will also follow the nursery’s strict medication policy if my child needs medicine whilst at nursery. If my child is unwell I understand there will still be a full charge for the nursery as the staff will already be on site.

I understand that holiday periods booked in advance will be charged at the reduced rate of 50%. I understand that I must give 2 full weeks’ written notice to receive the 50% discount.

Late Fees and early fees will apply if I bring my child into the nursery around their booking time without giving the nursery notice to amend staffing structures appropriately (2 weeks notice where possible).

I understand it is part of the nursery’s ethos to make links within the local community which also includes taking the children out on walks. I give consent for the staff to take my child on short trips within the community to enhance their learning experiences. Horizon Childcare will also plan various activities including, but not limited to, food tasting and cooking so I understand it is my duty to inform them of any allergies my child has to protect them from harm. Other activities may include visits from animals so I will inform the team through my permissions whether this kind of activity is safe for my child under close supervision.

I understand that photographs and video footage of the children are taken and used for observation, assessment, training purposes, and displays within the nursery. I consent for my child being photographed and videoed for these purposes only. I understand it is also necessary for the Horizon Childcare to use my child's full name within the setting and it is my duty to inform them if there are any reasons why this might not be safe for my child. Separate permissions for photographs may be given through the permissions page on Famly e.g. social media. All photos of children will be stored and shared in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

I understand personal information is kept about my child in line with the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This information will only be shared with necessary staff and the local authority (Devon County Council) for the purposes of providing appropriate care for my child. Records are kept once children have left in line with Local Authority guidelines and some documents may be stored off site if permitted by our governing body Ofsted. When children are in receipt of additional funding, such as the Early Years Extended Entitlement or Childcare Tax Credits, data may also be shared with third parties as necessary, all of whom carry their own Data Protection Statements.

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