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For parents there is also a daily Nursery Blog to stay in touch with your child's day.

Nursery Blogs

At Horizon Childcare we write daily blogs from each room to help include parents in their child’s learning. Blogs will include what each room’s daily activity has been, the learning behind it and usually some lovely pictures to show how your child has enjoyed the activity whilst at nursery. We use our Famly nursery software system to send these updates out but here are some examples for you to have look at.


An example daily blog from Pebbles
Nursery Blog Pebbles


An example daily blog from Daisies
Nursery Blog Daisies


An example daily blog from Acorns
Nursery Blog Acorns

Example weekly update from the office:

Dear Families,

Here is the latest from the nursery to keep you in the loop.

Learning themes in each room:
Pebbles: Springtime- You can help to support your child’s learning at home by taking them on a nature walk to see different flowers around, talking to them about inspects and if you have a garden or outside space, you could create a rockery and a few days later see if there are any bugs to find! The babies are going on a bug hunt today at nursery.

Daisies: Personal, social and emotional development focus continues with ‘Turn-taking and group games’. You can help to support your child’s learning at home by introducing turn-taking with everyday activities in the home such as ‘can you pick up that toy please?’ ‘now it’s Daddy’s turn’ or playing games with siblings such as throwing a ball to one another.

Acorns: Science focus continues in Acorn room with ‘Mixing’. The team will be showing the children what happens when we mix certain items such as mints and fizzy drinks or oil and paint. You can help to support your child’s learning from home by showing children the cause and effect of the everyday world, even when we brush our teeth. One minute its paste and the next minute it’s foamy! Cause and effect happen everywhere around us.

This week’s hot meals are:
Monday: Five bean chilli and pitta bread with ice cream
Tuesday: Slow cooked lamb and veg with mashed potato with pineapple sponge cake
Wednesday: Sweet and sour chicken/ chicken-style strips and rice with white chocolate and mixed fruit rice crispy cake
Thursday: Chicken goujons/ vegetable nuggets, spaghetti and mashed potato with strawberry crumble and custard
Friday: Tuna pasta bake with fruit smoothie pot

Next week, we are going to be teaching and learning all about our Queen and the jubilee. It will be a fun week which ends with each room joining together for the afternoons on Thursday and Friday to have scones; made by our Acorn Room in the morning. We are all looking forward to this time together.

Lastly, all invoices should be with you now and can be found on your Famly account under ‘Balance’. Please let me know if there are any issues and we will get these sorted for you as soon as we can.

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

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